TJMS Science Fair


Mailynn Nguyen

On January 22nd, 2020 at 2:30 pm, a rumble of student and teacher voices could be heard from the main office. Following the noise, one would find themselves in the Dolphins hallway being cheerfully greeted by science teachers including Ms. Leonberger, Special Education Life Science Teacher and this year’s Science Fair Director. The Thomas Jefferson Science Fair was taking place, and many students from all grades were presenting their projects to teacher judges. There were four classrooms of presenters, all in the Dolphin hallway. The categories were botany (or plant science), environmental and animal science, chemistry, and physics/engineering. 

The chemistry projects, displayed in Ms. K. Miller’s room, included The Effect of Slime on pH, The Effect of pH on eggs, and many other projects relating to pH. 

The physics and engineering projects in Ms. Mann’s room included The Effect of Plastic Sheets on Lumens Produced and Which MSE Reinforcement is the Strongest? 

A few botany projects in Ms. Negrete’s room were The Effect of Temperature on Metamorphosis, The Effect of CO2 on Marigold Growth, The Effect of Acids on Plant Growth, and The Effect of Air Temperature on Plants. 

Finally, the environmental and animal science projects, displayed in Mr. Gladney’s room, included The Effect of Oil on Algae, The Effect of Microplastics on Microorganisms, The Effect of Sunscreen on the Environment, The Effect of Metals on Water Erosion, and The Effect of Pharmaceuticals on Our Drinking Water. 

Some students who participated in the Thomas Jefferson Science Fair will go on to participate in the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Science Fair and/or the Arlington County Science Fair.