Battle of the Books, Part II


Mailynn Nguyen and Mia Pisacane


Are you still deciding which book you like the most? Some students at Jefferson already know which book they will root for.


7th grade Penguin – Ghost Boys – “It’s really really good. The beginning of the book is already so dramatic and everything. And the book keeps going back from when the main character, Jerome, was dead versus alive.”

7th grade Dragon – Flashback, Keeper of the Lost Cities, v. 7 – “Keeper of the Lost Cites, the series, begins with the first book, Keeper of the Lost Cities. In the seventh book, Flashback, which was released in early November this year, Sophie continues to deal with the villain society, the Neverseen, and even more, fitting in with the Elvin world. We Keeper fans are excitedly awaiting the 8th book, Legacy, which will be released on November 5th, 2019.” For more Jefferson Post articles on Keeper and other Keeper-related subjects such as the author visit to Alexandria, visit the Jefferson Post website.

7th grade Monarch – Crush (the third book in the Berrybrook Middle School series) “Crush relates to middle school issues and common problems that I can easily relate to.”


Which books are you voting for? Visit the TJMS library website to keep up with which books are advancing to the finals.