TJMS Battle of the Books, Part I


Mailynn Nguyen and Mia Pisacane

The Battle of the Books tournament is an annual celebration of literature at our school, a tournament in which popular books are set against each other and voted on by students. Last year, the winner for Battle of the Books was Refugee by Alan Gratz.  This year’s “contestants” include (along with their Goodreads rating):

Amal Unbound – Aisha Saeed – 4.2/5



Breakout – Kate Messner – 4.2/5



Crush – Svetlana Chmakova – 4.53/5



Dread Nation – Justina Ireland – 4.2/5



Ghost boys – Jewell Parker Rhodes – 4.4/5



Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities, v.7) – Shannon Messenger – 4.5/5



Front Desk – Kelly Yang – 4.4/5



Love, Hate and Other Filters – Samira Ahmed – 3.8/5



LU (Track, v.4) – Jason Reynolds – 4.4/5



Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish – Pablo Cartaya – 4/5



My Family Divided: One girl’s journey of home, loss, and hope – Diane Guerrero – 4/5



The Night Diary – Veera Hiranandani – 4.2/5



The Prince and the Dressmaker – Jen Wang – 4.4/5



Proud: Living My American Dream – Ibtihaj Muhammad 4.3 / 5



Rebound – Kwame Alexander – 4.3 / 5



The Truth As Told by Mason Buttle – Leslie Connor – 4.3 / 5



All summaries of the Battle of the Books contestants can be found at the Jefferson Library website or at the Arlington Public Library catalog. All books are at both libraries, although because of the Battle of the Books library rush, all books may or may not be available for check-out. Also, some books are only available to readers who are members of the TAB club. Regardless, read fast, because voting begins on March 5th.