Shannon Messenger Meeting – Final Installment

Mailynn Nguyen, Writer

Questions and Answers

As I stood in front of the table where Shannon Messenger was sitting, I spoke sort of… fast. Really fast. Fortunately, Messenger was probably used to fans speed-talking, so she understood me and answered my questions. And there I was, scribbling furiously in my little English composition notebook. My handwriting was surprisingly legible, and here are the results of my deciphering.


    A: Yes. Messenger has an idea of what it’s all about, but for publishing reasons, the most she could write about it in a book is a few sentences. She plans to write it as a short story (in Keefe’s point of view) in a short story anthology.


  • Q: When Dex and Sophie were kidnapped in the first book, why did they go to Paris, of all cities?
    A: Paris is known as the “City of Lights,” and because light plays such a large role in the Lost Cities, Paris seemed fit to be used as a setting.


  • Q: Have you noticed that Timkin Logner has a different last name than his wife, Vika Heks, and his daughter, Stina Heks?
    A: Yes, she has noticed. Originally, Stina’s last name was going to be Wethers, but in her (very unorganized) notebook, Messenger wrote a reminder to herself: to change Stina’s last name because it sounded too human. At some point in the first book, she changed Wethers to Heks, but she never took note of it. Later on, she wrote in the name Logner… in future editions, Logner was edited out, but all books printed before then have the Heks-Logner conundrum.


  • Q: What are your top three favorite abilities?
    A: Shannon Messenger says that her top ability is Teleporter. She comments that light leaping would be hard for her because her focus is easily scattered. Her second ability is Empath, and third, Vanisher. As a reader who despises Keefe (I have a theory that he’s actually in league with the Neverseen) and Biana and Della, I’m very disappointed in our dear author.


  • Q: Who’s your favorite character?
    A: Shannon cannot decide on her favorite elf character (like all authors, she claims that it’s as if they’re all her children— she could never pick a favorite!). However, she does have a favorite character who’s not an elf: Silveny, the alicorn. “I get paid to be in the mind of a sparkly winged unicorn” she says.


  • Q: Will you introduce any new characters?
    A: Yes. Although Shannon thinks her cast is too large already (“I’m being really wishy-washy about who the survivors will be,” she said forebodingly), she believes that it’s inevitable to add characters as the story goes on.


  • Q: Where do you get names for the characters?
    A: Baby name websites. She tries to select rare names so that you won’t be finding Keeper characters in your classroom.


  • Q: How many more books will there be?
    A: Shannon Messenger says she’s currently in contract for books eight and nine… but will there be a book 10? She doesn’t know. To Keeper fans like me, this is VERY concerning. What would we ever do with 9 books? At the same time, though, if Messenger writes as many Keeper books as there are, for example, books, the series will be too diluted, in my opinion.


  • Q: How much have you written of the 8th book?
    A: “I have yet to write a word of [the 8th book].” Please note, that was on November 30th… and today as I’m writing this, we actually know the title of book 8: Legacy.


Keeper fans at TJ look forward to another opportunity to meet Shannon Messenger and other authors. Stay tuned for future author meets, and let’s hope that Legacy comes out soon!