Shannon Messenger Meeting – Part II

Mailynn Nguyen, Writer

I know all you readers have been waiting agonizingly for this part two (of course, you don’t know how long the wait was for us Keeper fans. Oh, how long a year can be!). Anyway, if you’d like more of a context with the About Shannon Messenger section, you can visit this site.


About Shannon Messenger

  • On inside back covers of all Keeper books, Messenger shares that she lives with “her husband and an embarrassing number of cats.” At the book signing, she revealed that, as of right now, she owns four cats— Marty (who shares a name with Sophie’s old cat), Harley Quinn, Melody Pond, and Gwen Stacy. She’s debating with herself whether she should get another cat and postpone writing book eight or not get a cat and get on with the book.

About the Publishing Process

If you plan to become a published author, pay special attention to the second bullet point…

  • Authors don’t get input on the covers of their books because covers are part of marketing, and marketing is the publisher’s responsibility, not the author’s.


  • If you’d like to be a published author, Shannon Messenger recommends writing the book before worrying about publishing it.”

    “Finishing a book… will bring you light years ahead,” she says. “Focus on writing for as long as you can.”


The final part of this article will be answers to questions asked during the TAB interview and to questions my friends and I asked personally.