Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Brown, Shari

Anh Phan, Writer

The TJMS Post recently did a story about the play, Middle Class, which I had interviewed Penny Wagner, who played Emily/Claire. I only wrote a little section for Penny, since the whole story was about the play. I decided to shine more light on Penny and do a student spotlight!

Penny Wagner is a 7th grade Penguin. She enjoys doing drama, though currently she is not taking drama as an elective. However, she is doing it as an Act II class. “I wish drama was a full semester elective, but it’s not.” She has family members that do jobs that involve productions. “Ever since I can remember I’ve liked acting and anything related to movie making or plays and musicals. My uncle is an actor and my cousin-in-law is a director.”

Penny has been acting ever since she was little. Some of the other roles Penny has played at TJ are a Socs (pronounced sosh) in the production The Outsiders, the tech crew in the production of Shrek the Musical Jr., and Emily/Claire in the most recent production, Middle Class. I asked her some questions about what is it like to be in a production, her answer was: “It’s a lot of work. You have to memorize your lines well. The rehearsals are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. You can meet a lot of people through the plays and musicals.” Penny is planning to tryout for the next TJ production, which will be Freaky Friday!