Spirit Week!

Scarlett Carrasco and Ashley Aparicio Lizama

Aren’t you excited about spirit week? The TJMS Newspaper Club members definitely are! In case you don’t know when spirit week is, it is October 29-November 2. Spirit week is important, as Ms.Pennington said “We made this week because it’s Anti-Bullying month.”

There are five different activities:

Monday: Crazy Hair and Sock Day

Tuesday: Team Color Day

Wednesday: HALLOWEEN

Thursday: Pajama Day

Friday: Jersey Day

But what are the rules at TJMS about spirit week? Well, you are allowed to wear your costume to school. The rules are, it has to follow the dress code and no masks or fake weapons. If you forget about this very special week there will be flyers and posters all over the school. Who made Spirit Week? Ms.Pennington and The SCA (Student Council Association). So make sure to be ready and prepared for SPIRIT WEEK!