Heartless Review

Mailynn Nguyen

I rate Heartless, a fantasy novel by Marissa Meyer, four out of five stars.


When Alice went to Wonderland, she encountered many wonders. One wonder was the Queen of Hearts, a cruel woman who screamed off with your head!”at every subject, innocent or not,presented to her. Have you ever wondered why? Why does the Queen of Hearts have this temper? If these questions are not new to you, Heartless is a highly recommend book! In this novel, Marissa Meyer explains her story of why the Queen of Hearts has this aggressive reaction to criminals.


Catherine, or Cath, Pinkerton is the only child of Lady and Lord Pinkerton of Turtle Cove. She wants to become a baker, but her parents want her to become nobles like them. Through strings of trouble at a royal ball, Cath is introduced to Jest, the King of Hearts’ new court joker. Cath befriends him. This friendship is ill fated, though, because the reason the King held the ball was to propose marriage to Cath. Cath’s parents want her to accept, of course, and become the Queen of Hearts, a higher title than they could have predicted for her, but Cath wants to marry Jest and pursue her dream of starting a bakery.


With romance, humor, and villains including Peter Peter’s monstrous wife who he “couldn’t keep”, Marissa Meyer presents an enthralling prequel to Alice in Wonderland.


Marissa Meyer, author of Heartless, also wrote The Lunar Chronicles and Renegades, other popular fantasies.