“Cinder” Book Review

Publisher: Macmillan

Publisher: Macmillan

Mailynn Nguyen

This book review is about Cinder, a series by Marissa Meyer. I rate it five out of five stars and it is another of my favorite books.


The plot follows the plot of  Cinderella. For example, Cinder is the adopted daughter of a family with a deceased father, a tyrannical mother, and a pair of spoiled stepsisters. Instead of being a servant to the family, Cinder sells mechanical parts to New Beijing, and does well in this job because she is a cyborg and knows how machines work.


Cinder is a rare combination of settings. Part of the story takes place in a futuristic city called New Beijing (what used to be Beijing) and the other takes place on the moon, where a colony of Lunars (a species that looks like humans but lives on the moon) pose threats to Earthens (humans who live on Earth). Because it’s in the future, New Beijing is very tech-based, full of androids and cyborgs like Cinder, who have electronic parts. Cinder has a computerized brain and a mechanical foot, along with other cyborg parts.


Early in the book, the leader of many of the Earthens, Emperor Rikan, is affected by a disease called Letumosis (nicknamed the Blue Fever) and there is no known cure for the disease. Peony, the human stepsister of Cinder, also is affected by the disease and taken to the quarantine. Cinder is forced by her family to “volunteer” as a cyborg to be a specimen in the search for a cure to Letumosis. There, Cinder uncovers a mystery about her past that she is determined to solve.


The story continues with Scarlet, Cress, and Winter, peppered in with many short stories and ending with a final book called Stars Above that is an epilogue to answer the questions of what happens next?

Marissa Meyer, the author of the Lunar Chronicles, is also the author of Heartless, a story about how the Queen of Hearts came to be the queen of hearts, and a novel called Renegades. Meyer lives in Washington state.