Book Review of “Keeper of the Lost Cities”

Simon and Schuster

Simon and Schuster

Mailynn Nguyen, Writer

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a  favorite book and I rate it five out of five stars. This review is about the first book in the currently six book series. If you would like to check it out, it is available at both the Arlington public and Jefferson libraries.

Sophie Foster is a telepath, so she can hear the thoughts of those surrounding her. She’s also a twelve year old high school senior. When she attends a field trip to a dinosaur museum, she expects it to be the normal, boring trip where she always knows all the information the humans want to offer her. But it’s not. She runs into the handsome Fitz Vacker, who tells her that she does not belong in this world. That she is an elf, not your well known Christmas ones with the pointy ears, but the kind who live in the Lost Cities. The kind who have abilities, telekinesis, levitation, and far more brains than humans. She’s one of them. Apparently, she is the key to change in both her new and old worlds.

The book is fantasy, added to with the touch of romance. Keeper, or, KOTLC, is a favorite book among those who’ve read it. I like the book not only for the genre and content but also for the humor. Almost every page has humor, even if it’s in the midst of danger. Another pro about Keeper is how it totally captivates your mind. At least for me, KOTLC is so immersive that every spare second of the day, I strive to analyze, analyze, and analyze some more to think about how and why the novel’s events take place.

If you read Keeper of the Lost Cities, you will probably want to read the rest of the series. The story continues with book two, called Exile, three called Everblaze, four named Neverseen, and number five being Lodestar. Book six, which came out November 2017, is called Nightfall, and the seventh book, which will be released in early November 2018, is named Flashback.

Shannon Messenger, the author of Keeper of the Lost Cities, lives in California. She is also the bestselling author of Let the Sky Fall, a young adult series.