TJMS D.I.Y. Club


salt dough ornaments

Anh Phan, Writer

Do you like to make crafts? If yes, than D.I.Y. Club is for you! D.I.Y. stands for “do it yourself,” so when you come to the club you will be doing the crafts by yourself. The adviser of the club is Ms. Vogel. The club is hosted every Monday in room 113 in the Stingray area. The reason why Ms.Vogel started the club was because a group of students wanted a club to do crafts, so Ms. Vogel decided to do it. Some of the projects they have made are stress balls and origami fidget spinners. The D.I.Y. Club comes up with these projects by making a big list of suggestions and then they vote on which one they want. Then, Ms.Vogel tries to look up how to make the projects. In a recent meeting, we made salt dough ornaments. If you are planning to go, some projects that Ms. Vogel is planning are knitting and food related projects. If you’re interested, come to the D.I.Y Club in room 113.

salt dough ornaments
Ms. Vogel is the D.I.Y. Club Sponsor