TJMS Career Day 2017 for Eighth Grade Students

Cody Shoelson, Staff Writer

An opportunity for TJMS eighth graders to decide a future career

by Cody Shoelson

On Monday, November 20, 2017 TJMS eighth graders were given a peek into their future with career day, or college day. Ms. Black, our Program Counselor, arranged an event during which eighth graders viewed four presentations about possible opportunities for careers and colleges. They then listened to representatives from the Northern Virginia Community College and other nearby colleges. “One thing I like about career day is that students realize things they didn’t know they were interested in career-wise,” commented Ms. Black. “I feel like it’s important to spark ideas for them [the eighth graders] of what they want to do when they grow up.” She hopes that the eighth graders will get a good experience and get help deciding what they want to do with their lives, not just with school staff, but also with people currently going through the challenges they are preparing to face. Regarding the career aspect of it, the eighth graders viewed presentations from ambassadors of twenty-four different career possibilities, from a nurse to a NASA engineer all the way to a retired NFL player. The students were able to write down their preferences on what presentation to view, then they were placed in the matching classroom. The presenters shared what they liked about their professions and why the student should consider taking up those job possibilities. ‍