Spirit Wear Design Contest


Isabella Palladino, Staff Writer

Artists at TJMS were encouraged to create their own design that would be featured on the official school spirit merchandise.  Student designs represented TJMS school spirit and may have used one shade of yellow, blue, and white.  The design also had to include the TJMS Mission Statement: “Learning together to understand and improve ourselves, our futures, and our world.” The deadline for the contest was 8:15 AM on November 6th.  The School Spirit Wear Design Contest was presented by the TJMS school band and band members voted to select this year’s winning design.  The winner will receive a royal blue sweatshirt featuring their design.  As for everyone else, the merchandise is available to purchase.  The items that are available for purchase are sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sweatpants.  A student created an astonishing design that was chosen.