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Here’s How TJMS Students and Staff Stood Up to Bullying During Spirt Week

Cody Shoelson, Staff Writer

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During spirit week, which took place the week of October 30th through November 3rd, 2017, our Student Council Association (SCA) and our school Counselors celebrated the anti-bullying statement by selecting themes for each day that revolved around the idea of standing up to bullies. On Monday, we teamed up against bullies and wore our favorite sports jersey. On Tuesday, we showed what we’d rather be instead of a bully and wore our Halloween costumes to school. On Wednesday, we helped put bullying to bed and participated in pajama day. On Thursday, we dressed up as our hero or a superhero. And finally, on Friday, we endorsed memes with positive themes by dressing up as our favorite meme.

Who was behind all of this? While the entire faculty helped to organize it, the main contributors were Ms. Pennington, the seventh-grade Counselor, and the SCA members. When asked how they came up with the ideas for the theme of each day, Ms. Pennington said that the SCA thought of things that would be fun for an ordinary spirit week, and then she transformed them into anti-bullying messages.

“I feel we are lucky that bullying is not reported by students as being as big of an issue as it is at other schools,” she says, “however I do think it’s important to spread the message about bullying awareness in a positive way.”


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Here’s How TJMS Students and Staff Stood Up to Bullying During Spirt Week