The Swan Song of a Rising Ninth Grader

Mailynn Nguyen

As a student who’s been a member of the Jefferson Post for my three middle school years, I’ve seen many others come and go. Despite a number of announcements encouraging students to join, participation has decreased, causing a lack of reporters, writers and photographers, for our online newspaper. There are a variety of factors that could have contributed to this decline, such as the conversion of the newspaper from paper to digital, the rise of other clubs and a possibly decreasing student interest in writing. Whatever the cause, we need a solution to continue to keep our school newspaper up-to-date.

Five reasons why YOU should join the Jefferson Post: 



  • To strengthen your writing: The Jefferson Post offers a chance for you to not only write, but to get writing advice from one-on-one sessions with the Jefferson Post sponsor, Ms. Brown. This allows you to expand your writing ability while getting that work published (see reason three). 
  • To gain insight and experience in journalism: While the Jefferson Post is not a professionally equipped, widely staffed newspaper, it is a place to start. Whether you have an interest in a journalism career or just want to try something new, the casual environment of the Post is a comfortable place to begin writing. 
  • To publicize your work and your opinions: For those interested in being published authors, or even for those who have no inclination whatsoever towards a writing career, knowing how to write published work is a skill to have. The Post can also serve as an outlet to publicize any ideas and opinions you may have, especially about our school. Do you disagree with a school policy? Do you see the need for a new school policy? Whatever your stance, you can get the word out through the school newspaper. (And if you don’t know what to write about, Ms. Brown offers plenty of newsworthy ideas at every meeting to keep you going.)
  • To learn more about the things that interest you: Unlike a regular English class, the Jefferson Post doesn’t tie you to a topic. Whatever you feel like writing –book reviews, news articles, opinion editorials– you can write. So if you have an idea that doesn’t exactly conform to your English teacher’s  assignment, come to the Jefferson Post if you’d like to work on it. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about a topic, writing and publishing an article about it can give you a better understanding. 
  • And, quite frankly, to add to your high school/college applications: While this final reason shouldn’t be your main one, it is definitely an added bonus. For those who aren’t interested in a journalism career but are simply thinking of applying to a merit-based high school, their participation in the Jefferson Post can be mentioned as an “extracurricular activity,” which will gain attention for their application. And if you are interested in journalism, the Jefferson Post is, again, a good place to start if you’d like to write for a high school newspaper or beyond.


Whatever your reasons, I encourage all to join the Jefferson Post. It’s a rewarding experience, and requires minimal time commitment. This is my final article, but I sincerely hope it won’t be the last for the newspaper. 

While school is in session, Jefferson Post meets weekly.