What to Read While School is Closed: Part Three

Mailynn Nguyen

This week, all the other genres are featured: science/futuristic fiction, fantasy, historical and scientific fantasy, mystery, and the most miscellaneous genre of all, historical, medical, mysterious, romantic horror. (Oh, am I creative!) 


Science/Futuristic Fiction

Renegades is the first novel in an increasingly popular trilogy by Marissa Meyer. In this dystopian society ravaged by the change in power from the Anarchists to the Renegades, Nova must pick a side in the conflict. 




Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is a trilogy told in documents, including emails, surveillance reports, and images. Illuminae is a science fiction novel about the clash of two mega corporations and the people affected. 




The Hive by Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden highlights the dangers of social media in a futuristic United States… which very well might become our own. 



The Reader: If you choose to read The Reader, be ready to write. Every few chapters or so, Traci Chee has hidden a word at the bottom of the page. When put together, these words make a poem with three parts– one for each book in the trilogy. 

The Speaker

The Storyteller


Historical, Scientific Fantasy

Invictus is an intriguing cross between fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction by Ryan Graudin and follows the time-traveling adventures of the ship Invictus. 



The Westing Game is an interactive, suspenseful, and fun mystery novel by Ellen Raskin. 


Historical, Medical, Mysterious, Romantic Horror

Stalking Jack the Ripper and the three books that follow give answers for four of the most intriguing, mysterious figures in history: Jack the Ripper, Dracula the Vampire, Harry Houdini, and HH Holmes. 

Hunting Prince Dracula

Escaping from Houdini

Capturing the Devil